Electronic Summaries

No more hauling piles of files!

RN Para is one of the first in the industry to offer a unique product that allows its clients the convenience of quickly locating original medical records referenced in a summary: Indexed Electronic Medical Summaries. These user-friendly summaries can be customized to meet your specific needs.

This paperless format makes it easier for you to locate documents than ever before and can save you significant time, especially during trials, mediations or depositions. Just click on an indexed timeline entry and the pertinent medical documents are immediately available for review and printing.

An Indexed Electronic Medical Summary not only lightens the load in your briefcase, it can be quickly distributed to anyone requiring review. Experts can quickly get up-to-speed by reviewing a comprehensive summary and, if required, applied research that is readily available, which can save you money.

First Indexed Electronic Medical Summary FREE

To experience the convenience of an electronic summary first hand, RN Para offers the first Indexed Electronic Medical Summary at no additional cost. Please contact RN Para for pricing information for your next Indexed Electronic Medical Summary.