Professional, Timely, Reasonably Priced

The Highest Professional Standards

We understand that easily accessible, accurate information is critical to reviewing your case as it progresses to resolution.

RN Para’s Registered Nurses and Paralegals pride themselves on providing consistent, high-quality summaries that meet the unique needs of each client. Before being forwarded to a client, each medical summary prepared by RN Para goes through an internal final review process to assure quality and accuracy.

RN Para maintains all necessary policies, procedures and agreements to comply with HIPAA requirements to assure privacy and safekeeping of all records utilized for review.

Work Completed on Your Timeline

We understand that time is of the essence in completing your timeline.

The turn-around time for a typical summary of approximately 2,000 pages of medical records averages 2-3 weeks.With notice, RN Para can provide rapid staff ramp-up to assist clients with urgent or larger medical summary or deposition abstract needs.

Reasonable Pricing

We don’t like surprises and we know you don’t either.

Our pricing is competitive, fair and reasonable. We use an objective method to calculate the cost of each project so you know your cost up front, before we begin task work. We will not change our estimate mid-project, unless the number of pages being reviewed changes.

To request a free estimate for an Indexed Electronic Medical Summary, please upload your files to our secure server and we’ll provide you with a firm estimate.